They are following 3 options for delivery to your location.

1. Delivery via AUSTRALIA POST or Other Courier Company – Australia wide
2. Delivery via Nippon Food Supplies WA Delivery – limited location in Perth metro area
3. Pick Up at Nippon Food Supplies WA

* Use Nippon Food Supplies delivery & pick up – Unlimited weight & size
* Use Australian Post – Weight : less than 22kg , Size : 0.25m3, No delivery for refrigerated or frozen items

1. Delivery via AUSTRALIA POST or Courier company

(1)Post Delivery areas

Using the Australia Registered Parcel Post, we deliver Australia wide from Western Australia.
*This excludes refrigerated or frozen items and items weighing over 22kg per one item.
Please place the order less than 22kg per cart.
Your parcel’s dimensions should not exceed 105cm or 0.25m3. Maximum weight is 22kg

(2) Postal Fees

Postal fees are calculated that it depends on actual cubic dimensions or weight. It is associated with Australia Post’s charges.
Postal fees can be shown on our website, while you are shopping. Please check postal fee before you order.

(3) Post Delivery Date

Please permit 2-7 working days for delivery by Australia Post. It will be changed accoding to the delivery area.


2. Delivery via Nippon Food Supplies WA Delivery

Nippon Food Supplies Delivery’s service will deliver your ordered items in a fast and safe way.

(1) Delivery Areas in Perth

There are 9 areas in Perth covered by Nippon Food Supplies WA Delivery:
Please confirm your Delivery Area from the Table below

CBD Area
(Perth CBD, Mt. Lawley etc)
West Area
(Subiaco, Nedland, Claremont etc)
Middle North Area
(Inaloo, Karrinyup, Whitford etc)
Upper North Area
(Joondalup, Clarkson etc)
South West Area
(Myaree, Freemantle etc)
East North Area
(Morley, Mirrabooka etc)
East Area
(Midland etc)
South Area
(Cockburn, Willeton, Canning Vale  etc)
Middle South Area
(South Perth, Victoria Park etc)
6003 – 6006
6050 – 6052
6007 – 6011
6018 – 6020
6022 -6026
6027 – 6028
6149 – 6150
6153 – 6154
6156 – 6160
6053 – 6054
6061 – 6063
6057 – 6058
6107 – 6108
6147 – 6148
6163 – 6164
6100 – 6103
6105 – 6106

(2)Delivery Schedule

Area Delivery Days Delivery Time
(Cannot Request Time)
The order cut off day
CBD Area Monday 10:00 – 14:00 Thursday
Wednesday Monday
Friday Wednesday
West Area Monday Thursday
Wednesday Monday
Friday Wednesday
Middle North Area Tuesday Friday
Friday Wednesday
Upper North Area Monday Thursday
Thursday Tuesday
South West Area Tuesday Friday
Friday Wednesday
East North Area Monday Thursday
Thursday Tuesday
East Area Tuesday Friday
Friday Wednesday
South Area Tuesday Friday
Thursday Tuesday
Middle South Area Monday Thursday
Wednesday Monday
Friday Wednesday


CBD Area/West Area/South North AreaMiddle North Area/South West Area/East AreaEast North Area/Upper North AreaSouth Area

(3)Delivery Charges

Total Amount of Purchase Delivery Charges
Over $100 Free Delivery
Under $100 $20
Re-Delivery Charge $30

If your area is not displayed in the table, please choose either delivery via Australia Post, or pick-up your items from Nippon Food Supplies’ WA Office.
The Schedule Table above shows delivery times and days. The order cut off day allows time for delivery in each delivery area.
*There is no delivery service on public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.
We deliver your order within the scheduled delivery times. The delivery can only be made within the days and times on the table.
We cannot accept specity the time of delivery.
In order for your delivery to be received safely, please insure that someone is available to receive the order during the scheduled delivery time.
All possible attempts will be made in order for your order to be delivered within the scheduled delivery time, however, please be aware that there may be unforeseen delays due to traffic and weather conditions.

(4) Changing your Scheduled Delivery Time

If for any reason you are unable to meet at the scheduled delivery time, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date. Please note that we may not be able to change your scheduled delivery time if we do not recieve your notice before the cut off time.

(5) Undeliverable Notice and Re-Delivery

If a delivery cannot be made because you were not available in your scheduled delivery time, we need to return your order for food safety and security reasons.
Re-delivery fee:
*Please note that you will be charged a re-delivery fee of $30. You will be required to make the payment at the re-delivery by only cash.
*Re-delivery only can be made in the normal delivery time for each area.
*We do not charge re-delivery fee if you change to pick up yourself at Nippon Food Supplies WA Office.

Re-Delivery of your Order
Japan Shopping(Nippon Food Supplies WA)
e-mail :  info@japanshopping.com


3. Pick Up at Nippon Food Supplies WA

(1) Pick up day & time
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: Closed

 (2) Pick Up Address

165 Kewdale Road, Kewdale, WA 6105